The Burn Journals

I enjoyed this reading and it was one of my favorites. It was an easy read. The Burn Journals allowed me to think about my past and how life was in like in middle school.

Middle school was a time when adolescents feel as if their is an imaginary audience always staring at them. Middle school is one of the hardest times, because the students are trying to find their identity.

Brent Runyon write The Burn Journals ten years after his attempted suicide. I believe that he inhibited his feelings about his attempted suicide that he finally reached the point to where he needed to confess. He knew he was going to get in trouble for starting the fire in the locker room, but it was an accident. He felt the pressure to tell the truth, but instead he lied.

Runyon’s story has encouraged me to keep a daily journal. So many things happen everyday and one little thing can make your day better. I want to loo back at my college days and remember the fun adventures I had with my friends. If people took Runyon seriously then he may have not attempted suicide. In the end, his memoir helped release his feelings about his childhood.


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