Essay #2

This is essay was more difficult than the last. It was purely factual. We had to annotate two articles and then compare and contrast them. May not have chosen the best topic , but none the less I stick it out and continued writing. Writing does not come naturally to me. I have to think about every line and every single word I put down.

I have been experimenting with my writing technique. Each essay I try a different style and method to approach my topic. I have tried just typing it all out then editing it, ASAP, people reading it out loud, and working on it day by day instead of all at once. I try to get into the rhythm of things, but it has not worked out.

I have some new ideas for the next essay and I hope to achieve my goal of writing an essay that I am satisfied with. Maybe I will try a new style or a combo method. I will l try something new.

APA format is new for me. My whole academic career I have been using MLA format. I need to master APA, because I need it for my major. I will continue to improve.

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