Does music have the ability to heal? This is my topic for Essay#3. I wanted to learn about the relationship between music and healing. I decided that in order to fully understand how music plays a key role in the healing process then I would need to go back in time and see how it was used beforehand. I decided to start with the Greeks. A Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, developed what he called ‘music law’. He gave a title to each vibration and the sound they produced.  Pythagoras believed that music brought him closer to God. Music contains power when used properly and believed in ‘musical medicine’. Next the Egyptians used music in their rituals and had strict guidelines on who could sing certain parts and play certain music.  Monks spend most of their life chanting, which is considered music. Monks all on key chanting to those above.  They dedicate their lives to the church and praise others through their chants. Western society has developed music therapy, which has been used to heal many persons. There are certain types of music they use during a session of music therapy. Music has been used throughout the ages by many groups of individuals and they all believe that music has healing abilities.

One thought on “Music

  1. I reflected not just on this blog post, but on essay three as a whole. I provided a basic outline of my essay in this entry. It helped me think back on why I chose to do my essay on music and how I came up with my research question. I wanted to explore my options within a topic that I am passionate about. I have always enjoyed listening to music, but playing music is like being part of another world. Music can bring out so many emotions without any words. Music is powerful and can change the world.

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