Final Reflection

In high school, I was unaware of how many different writing techniques there are. I was taught that there was only way to write, but that method did not fit my style. I learned that there is a certain format of writing that is more beneficial than others, and that method is the PIE method. “P” is for the point, because if there is no point of the information then why add it. Next the “I”, or the information, is typically a quote from the source. Last, is the “E”, explanation. You introduce the quote, use the quote, and then explain how that information contributes to the overall meaning of the paper. These steps make an efficient paper.I am new to this method, but I agree that they make a better paper. I have struggled with getting PIE correct and still do, but I am working on it. I want to become a better writer, therefore I will continue to wrote and use the PIE method.

We have had many assignments this semester, but I have been currently working on this blog and essay #3. This is one of the last things I need to do for my blog. It has come along way from the beginning. I changed the name and background. I made it personal by adding a picture of elephants and changing the name to “Healing as it Applies”. I have different sections for all my work and I am finishing up essay #3. I applied the PIE method(noted above). I believe essay #3 will be the best essay I have submitted all year.

I learned the importance of marking up the text and having a conversation with the text. Also, that it is necessary to outline your paper before you begin. I will continue to do this tasks throughout my life. They are important life skills that I can carry out into other subjects and my future career. I am glad I learned how to use APA format because I will need to use it throughout my career. I am majoring in psychology and will have to use APA format often. CHHS-125, “Writing as Healing”,  has been a difficult course, but it has made me a better writer.

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