Final Reflection

In high school, I was unaware of how many different writing techniques there are. I was taught that there was only way to write, but that method did not fit my style. I learned that there is a certain format of writing that is more beneficial than others, and that method is the PIE method. “P” is for the point, because if there is no point of the information then why add it. Next the “I”, or the information, is typically a quote from the source. Last, is the “E”, explanation. You introduce the quote, use the quote, and then explain how that information contributes to the overall meaning of the paper. These steps make an efficient paper.I am new to this method, but I agree that they make a better paper. I have struggled with getting PIE correct and still do, but I am working on it. I want to become a better writer, therefore I will continue to wrote and use the PIE method.

We have had many assignments this semester, but I have been currently working on this blog and essay #3. This is one of the last things I need to do for my blog. It has come along way from the beginning. I changed the name and background. I made it personal by adding a picture of elephants and changing the name to “Healing as it Applies”. I have different sections for all my work and I am finishing up essay #3. I applied the PIE method(noted above). I believe essay #3 will be the best essay I have submitted all year.

I learned the importance of marking up the text and having a conversation with the text. Also, that it is necessary to outline your paper before you begin. I will continue to do this tasks throughout my life. They are important life skills that I can carry out into other subjects and my future career. I am glad I learned how to use APA format because I will need to use it throughout my career. I am majoring in psychology and will have to use APA format often. CHHS-125, “Writing as Healing”,  has been a difficult course, but it has made me a better writer.



I was looking at recent posts and came across Julian’s entry about physical activity. He question how exactly physical activity benefits individuals during and after the activity. Personally, I feel better after the activity rather than during exercise. My body feels more relaxed and healthier than when I started out. I never knew that hormone levels fluctuate  throughout the course of the physical activity. I learned something new today! Next time I exercise, I will try to focus on how my body feels and the healing affects the activity may have benefited me.


I just went online and looked at my peers’ blogs and we are all at different stages throughout the course. I looked at Talor’s blog and went as far back as her first entry. Her first entry was about the course and her expectations and she briefly mentions dance as a method of healing. I found it interesting that she made this connection early on. Her third essay is about how African-American’s establish their identity through dance and how they heal through this knowledge.

I have always enjoyed music, but I do not think I made a connection like hers early on in my blogs.

Music and Healing

“Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words.” Robert G. Ingersoll

Music is wonderful blend of instruments and vocalization going to a tune. Music does not  have to be the combination of the two. Music can be humming, whistling, clapping, or any other movement that is typically set to a beat.

Robert G. Ingersoll  was a lawyer, a veteran, and a political leader from the 1800’s. He was known for the speeches he made. He knew that music had a power that could express emotions without words. Music has a power that is universal. You do not need to know a certain language- you need to feel the music. Listening to music is one thing, but feeling music is another leave that can not be reached or expressed in any other way. Music can has the power to unite people from different lands.

Music was used in battle throughout history.

Music was used for enjoyment.

Music teaches persons about one another.

Music can be used for an array of reasons and has been throughout time.


Does music have the ability to heal? This is my topic for Essay#3. I wanted to learn about the relationship between music and healing. I decided that in order to fully understand how music plays a key role in the healing process then I would need to go back in time and see how it was used beforehand. I decided to start with the Greeks. A Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, developed what he called ‘music law’. He gave a title to each vibration and the sound they produced.  Pythagoras believed that music brought him closer to God. Music contains power when used properly and believed in ‘musical medicine’. Next the Egyptians used music in their rituals and had strict guidelines on who could sing certain parts and play certain music.  Monks spend most of their life chanting, which is considered music. Monks all on key chanting to those above.  They dedicate their lives to the church and praise others through their chants. Western society has developed music therapy, which has been used to heal many persons. There are certain types of music they use during a session of music therapy. Music has been used throughout the ages by many groups of individuals and they all believe that music has healing abilities.

What is healing?

Healing, one word that describes a life changing event. The ability to heal is universal; the smallest organism have the ability to heal whether it means to regenerate or evolve.

Depending on the situation, organisms ave the ability to return to their previous state. In other cases, they may completely forget the event depending on how traumatic it was for them. Forgetting what happened is a coping mechanism.  It can do more damage then good depending on the situation. In most cases, adversity provides individuals with opportunity to evolve in life. They can take the bad news and make it beneficial or a life lesson. Healing is odd. Physically we heal if we have a bruise it just disappears over time as if nothing ever occurred.  If it is something more serious, for example if you have surgery then there is typically a mark that lasts years, but if take care of then it can heal with time.

Psychologically it is more difficult to till when something is wrong with an individual. Physically we can see what is happening to that person, but psychologically it is more difficult. For example, if your roommate snaps at you for forgetting to throw the trash away then it may be a result from other factors. She may be having trouble with her family or the stress from school could be the reason for why she is suddenly short tempered.

No matter how you heal or how you get to that point; it is not always easy to recover. Healing takes time-occasionally years. Take a deep breathe, because you will get through it eventually and it is alright to need help.