What is healing?

Healing, one word that describes a life changing event. The ability to heal is universal; the smallest organism have the ability to heal whether it means to regenerate or evolve.

Depending on the situation, organisms ave the ability to return to their previous state. In other cases, they may completely forget the event depending on how traumatic it was for them. Forgetting what happened is a coping mechanism.  It can do more damage then good depending on the situation. In most cases, adversity provides individuals with opportunity to evolve in life. They can take the bad news and make it beneficial or a life lesson. Healing is odd. Physically we heal if we have a bruise it just disappears over time as if nothing ever occurred.  If it is something more serious, for example if you have surgery then there is typically a mark that lasts years, but if take care of then it can heal with time.

Psychologically it is more difficult to till when something is wrong with an individual. Physically we can see what is happening to that person, but psychologically it is more difficult. For example, if your roommate snaps at you for forgetting to throw the trash away then it may be a result from other factors. She may be having trouble with her family or the stress from school could be the reason for why she is suddenly short tempered.

No matter how you heal or how you get to that point; it is not always easy to recover. Healing takes time-occasionally years. Take a deep breathe, because you will get through it eventually and it is alright to need help.

One thought on “What is healing?

  1. This blog entry was about what is healing and what it means to me. I generalized how living things tend to heal and related it to my own life. Healing is universal. I am surprised I have never thought about what it means to heal.

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